How I was using LinkedIn wrong

What I was doing Wrong!
1. I was treating my LinkedIn connections like Facebook friends.
a. I liked to be semi-exclusive with my Facebook friends and thought that LinkedIn’s connections should be the same way. I later learned that the number of connections a person has IS a factor in whether the person will be considered for a job, especially if it is a job related to sales/marketing (the logic here being that if a person doesn’t have connections they are more likely to be less social).

2. I thought I was unique/qualified enough for my resume and cover letter to stand out.
a. While we all have our own skills and traits to define us as unique in everyday life, it is hard to translate that onto paper, and even harder for it to stand out among the potentially hundreds of applicants who you are competing with.

3. Companies knew I wanted a job but they didn’t know why I wanted to work for them.
a. Pure and simple I wanted a job and that much was evident. What wasn’t evident was why I wanted to work at THEIR company. It is easy to ask for a job, it is harder to explain why the company should pick you over other applicants.

4. I wasn’t posting any content at all.
a. I felt like this just wasn’t that important and that it had no effect on my chances of getting hired.

What I changed
1. I started to connecting to everybody I knew and threw out the idea of my connections being semi-exclusive.

2. Instead of letting my resume speak for itself I contacted Recruiters/those in the position I was applying for directly asking for advice (on how to get a foot in the door).
a. This not only makes you seem assertive, but also gives the image that you don’t want a job, but you want to work for their company/have a passion for what you are doing.
b. On top of this, it helps you stand out against all of the applicants who DON’T take the initiative to message them directly.

3. I started following companies that I wanted to work for and joined groups related to that company.
a. Ask yourself this question: who would you rather hire, somebody looking for a job, or somebody who is passionate about the company?

4. I am starting to post content a couple times a week and make it my prerogative to join groups that I am interested in and are relevant to me.
a. Recruiters take LinkedIn pretty seriously as a useful hiring tool for potential candidates. Posting content and joining groups/participating shows that you also take LinkedIn and your professional career seriously as well.


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